Flower Care Guide

Traditional bouquet

Take care when removing the cellophane. Cut the stems at an angle about 3cm from the end, fill a vase with water, add flower food and place flowers into vase. Keep your flowers in a cool place away from draughts direct heat and sunlight and top up regularly with water.

Make sure you remove all leaves below the water line. Aqua packs have flower food already added top up with water when box feels light. Arrangements top up the container with water daily. Candles are for decorating only to avoid-risk of fire you are advised not to light them.


Most plants like light and even temperature avoid draughts fumes and cold foliage plants require little water in winter. Flowering plants generally need more water. Azalea and hydrangeas need water daily. Cyclamen plants are watered from the bottom tray and remove after short length of time